Deeraj Nagothu

Hi there, Welcome to my Internet Homestead.

I am currently a Research Scientist at Intelligent Fusion Technology (IFT). We work on data and sensor fusion technologies in computer vision and advanced network technologies for field and space applications.

I received my Ph.D. from the ECE Department at Binghamton University, advised by Dr. Yu Chen. My dissertation research was primarily focused on ‘Multimedia Authentication against Adversarial Threats,’ which steered my interest toward minimizing misinformation in the media.

As a researcher, I am deeply interested in all aspects of Information security and AI technology. My Research interests include Multimedia Authentication, ML for Computer Vision, and Network Computer Security.

Apart from my professional activities, I enjoy CrossFit and Running. I am an avid photographer and mostly enjoy Landscape photography.

Feel free to reach out via email. :grin:


Apr 24, 2024 I will be attending SPIE 2024 Conference at National Harbor, Maryland representing IFT and Binghamton University’s collaboration work.
Feb 06, 2024 Our paper “A Secure Interconnected Autonomous System Architecture for Multi-Domain IoT Ecosystems” is accepted and published at IEEE Communication Magazine.
Jan 08, 2024 Our paper “Authenticating AI-Generated Social Media Images Using Frequency Domain Analysis” is accepted and published at IEEE CCNC 2024.
Aug 29, 2023 I will be attending and presenting our research at IEEE NAECON 2023. The papers to be presented are “Application of Electrical Network Frequency as an Entropy Generator in Distributed Systems” and “Decentralized Vehicular Identification and Tracking on Lightweight IoT Edge Nodes
Aug 07, 2023 I have joined IFT as a Research Scientist.
Jul 10, 2023 I have successfully defended my Ph.D Dissertation.

selected publications

  1. MDPI
    EconLedger: A Proof-of-ENF Consensus Based Lightweight Distributed Ledger for IoVT Networks
    Ronghua Xu , Deeraj Nagothu, and Yu Chen
    Future Internet, Oct 2021
  2. EAI
    Authenticating Video Feeds Using Electric Network Frequency Estimation at the Edge
    Deeraj Nagothu, Yu Chen , Alexander Aved , and 1 more author
    EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety, Feb 2021
  3. IEEE
    DeFakePro: Decentralized Deepfake Attacks Detection Using ENF Authentication
    Deeraj Nagothu, Ronghua Xu , Yu Chen , and 2 more authors
    IT Professional, Sep 2022
  4. MDPI
    Deterring Deepfake Attacks with an Electrical Network Frequency Fingerprints Approach
    Deeraj Nagothu, Ronghua Xu , Yu Chen , and 2 more authors
    Future Internet, May 2022
  5. Springer
    ECOM: Epoch Randomness-Based Consensus Committee Configuration for IoT Blockchains
    Ronghua Xu , Deeraj Nagothu, and Yu Chen
    In Principles and Practice of Blockchains , May 2023
  6. SPIE
    Authentication of Video Feeds in Smart Edge Surveillance Networks
    Deeraj Nagothu, and Yu Chen
    Jun 2023